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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

MALCOLM March 28, 2002 - November 4, 2013

Malcolm our best friend ever in all the world.
  You were there for us always.
March 28, 2002 - November 4, 2013

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Affair at the old Post Office Part 2

 In the year 2009, I moved to Cambridge, Ontario, where I met my soon-to-be wife, Carol. We were driving through town every day for about two months as I worked in Brantford. One day as we were on our way through town, I asked Carol if she had ever been in Café 13, as she had lived in Cambridge for about 10 years. She said, “No”. I told her there is something about the place. A familiar feeling. About three months later in March 2010, we finally stopped in and sat at the bar to order a drink. The staff and the regulars who frequented Café 13 were all very friendly. It was not your average bar. We instantly became part of their family, as if we had always gone there. After we received our drinks, I asked where the washrooms were. The bartender pointed me down the stairs to the basement and instructed me to go to the end of the hall on the left. As I was walking down, I felt a young presence. I continued on through the small hallway where the Café had pictures of its history, the previous owners, and newspaper clippings. As I was reading, the washroom door opened, but no one was there. As I walked over to the washroom, I heard a kid’s voice. He said, “Did you see my mom?” I said, “No.” He continued to say he was looking for her. I asked him what his name was, and he said, “Tommy.” I asked Tommy how long he had been there. He replied, “A very long time.” He asked me if I could help him because nobody would talk to him or has talked to him in a long while. I told him I would try, but I had to go and would be back another day. He said to me, “Do you promise?” I told him yes, and that I would be back. One week later, we stopped back in at Café 13. I was walking back toward the basement stairs when I saw an apparition of a lady at the top of the stairs.

     Pictured above: The downstairs basement hallway where I spoke with Tommy.                                  

 I felt like I had met her before or had known her. I continued to go downstairs to where the washrooms were, and there was Tommy at the bottom looking up at me. He said, “You came back! Did you see my mom?” I told him I saw a young lady looking down from the top of the basement stairs. Tommy said, “The man won’t let me go upstairs, and the lady can’t come down. Can you go talk to the lady?” I told him I couldn’t talk to her just yet. I just had a glimpse of her. I told Tommy that if she trusts me, she will talk to me. But it could take some time. He continued to ask me if I would try, and I told him I would. We stopped in at the Café 13 many times over the next few weeks, getting to know the people and also talking with Tommy. I also saw the lady, just a glimpse here and there. The weather soon warmed up, and Café 13 opened up their patio for the summer. We stopped in to have a drink and lunch, sitting out on the patio.

                    Pictured above: The third floor of Café 13.

Most of the people were outside enjoying the weather on the patio with just a few patrons inside. I went inside to walk down to the washroom, and the lady was standing at the top of the stairs again. She didn’t move from the top of the stairs; she smiled at me, and right then I knew who she was. Her name was Emily. She finally spoke to me for the first time. She said, “I can’t stay on the first floor too long because the man won’t let me, but my son is trapped in the basement. Can you come to the third floor?” I told her that I would ask the owner. I went to find Adam, the owner of Café 13. I explained to Adam that I did paranormal investigating, and I asked him if I could do an investigation of Café 13. He said yes. Later I asked the staff if there were any strange things, paranormal activity, going on while they worked. They said that people saw a little boy in the basement and a lady on the third floor. I explained to them I did paranormal investigations and did one a few years ago across the street at the Fiddler Green Bar. I continued to say that there was a young lady that took her life at the Fiddlers Green and she was pregnant at the time. I told them that the lady on the third floor of Café 13 was Emily. A customer told me that Café 13 had rooms upstairs for rent before it became a bar. In July, Carol and I went to the third floor and asked Emily why she hasn’t moved on. Emily told me that she couldn’t move on until she and her son could be together.

Pictured above/left: The second floor area. Pictured above/
right: The first floor sitting area.

She also said that the man on the first floor stops them from being together. Tommy can’t come up, and she can’t go down. I spoke to the man who was keeping them apart and told him that he can only be free if the woman he loved could hold her son. About two months later, we stopped in at Café 13 and saw Tommy and Emily at the top of the stairs holding hands. The both looked at me, smiled, and then disappeared. A very happy ending to say the least. So it appears that the story of the affair at the Old Post Office did not end there. It moved over to Café 13, where mother and son eventually reunited. Café 13 is still the friendliest place, and the atmosphere is that of going into the past. If you get a chance, stop in and get to experience great food and people at Café 13.
As detailed in Part 1 of this story, Emily had
hung herself while she was pregnant with Tom
my. If that was the case, how can an unborn
child (Tommy) take a “physical” spirit form?
I ran into this instance once before when an
unborn child spirit took on a physical host hu
man body. I was in Inverness, Scotland.
I was visiting relatives in November 1985. I
went to a grave yard and saw a lady named Pat
and a girl. The girl was seven. I talked to the
lady and asked her why she was still here and
why she couldn’t move on. Pat told me she was
scared to leave. She was 23 and pregnant with
her daughter when she died of Scarlet fever.
I asked her if the young girl was her first
child. She told me no, that she was her unborn
child. I asked her how this was possible. She
said that a spirit is a spirit and that it doesn’t
matter if it’s not yet removed from the womb.
In the womb, she was alive, and they were
meant to be together. It’s like true soul mates.
Life can take you on different paths, happy
or not happy, different jobs, different towns.
But, when you found your true path, when and
where and how, you know it’s the right path
and it doesn’t matter what happens. It’s like
every day is happy.
She told me that if her daughter was born,
she would have been very sick and died at the
age of seven. I told Pat that if she moved on, her
and her daughter would probably be together
again sometime, somewhere. Pat smiled and
thanked me. She said she hoped that I was right.
For the next three days I returned to where
I saw Pat and her daughter and just felt a very
happy and peaceful felling.

Monday, October 15, 2012

The Affair at the Old Post Office

I was driving to work on my way to Kitchener, Ontario. I passed by the Old Post Office in Cambridge, Ontario.  It was a bar, back then called Fiddlers Green Pub.  I stopped in for a pint and I felt someone was watching me, not of the living.  There wasn't anyone in the bar except for the bar tender.  I sensed it was a girl.  The wash room was in the basement and as I went down the stairs I felt a males presence. I started to wash my hands and the stall door opened.  No one else was in the wash room but me.  I opened the door of the wash room and started walking out and a shadow of a man was there.  He said to me "She's Mine".  I went back upstairs to the bar and ordered another beer and asked the waitress if there was a death in the basement.  She said, "This place has a couple of strange things happening in it like slamming doors and an apparition of a man in the basement".  I asked her if I could come back and do an investigation because I did stories for a Hamilton Internet Company.  She proceeded to call the owner over and he said sure.  We set up an appointment for a 9pm date in October.

I called the couple that I worked with and asked them if they wanted to do an investigation with me.  It wasn't a problem they would come.  As we arrived, we parked in the lot across from the post office.  The lady with us took out her video camera and started to take video and the camera fogged up.  I seen an apparition of a light in the third floor.  It looked like a girl.  As she was waiting and watching me the camera started working.  Then we all smelt something burning.  It was the camera!  It just died!  They went back to the vehicle and got out the back up camera and we decided not to take the video outside.   We went in and met with the owner and he told the waitress to walk us around. 

We started in the basement.  As I was walking down about half way I was cold.  I asked the waitress if there was heat on down here and she said "yes, but this happens from time to time".  The waitress went back upstairs because she doesn't like coming down to the basement.  As we were standing there the mans voice said to me, "I told you, she's mine".   At that time the camera fogged up again.  We decided to go up to the second floor and I saw a  warm but peaceful light that moved across the ceiling and then came down the wall.  The camera picked this up so I went to the window as I thought it was a cars head lights.  As I walked around the room the light followed me and there were no cars around.  It was the girl whom I seen in the window from outside.  She spoke to me saying her name was Emily.  I turned to the couple with me and told them what she had said her name was Emily.  They were both freaked with excitement.

We then worked our way up to the third floor.  The light went right to the rafters and then we all seen the apparition of a girl in white.  She was hanging.  I asked her if that was her, Emily.  She came down and stood beside me, took my hand and said, " She was sorry, she didn't know what to do."  Emily had a long time affair with the post master and was with child.  Emily continued to say the post master gave her many false promises of the two of them being together.   She was starting to show in her pregnancy and the post master told her he didn't want to see her anymore and if she said the child was his to anyone that he would deny it.  He told her she would look stupid and would be outcast.  Emily said, "I was so scared and didn't know what to do.  I was so heart broken and so upset and no where to go.  So, I did this, I am so sorry."

Emily seemed like she was ready to move on and wanted someone to forgive her.  I told her that love does lots of strange things to people, and it wasn't her fault.  I asked Emily if she wanted to go and she said, "He won't let me go."   I took her by the hand and I said, "Let's go".  We went down to the bar and the old post master was standing in the door way to the outside.  The camera caught a big orb by the door and a little white light beside me.  I walked over to the post master and said, " Emily is leaving and that he, the post master, did enough damage.  You didn't want her when she needed you the most so stand aside!"  Emily and I walked outside and I said to her, " You are free now", and she said, "Thank you".  The camera caught an orb gently floating high up into the dark night sky.

There was a really good peaceful feeling.  I said to the couple, "That was pretty cool".  They couldn't believe what they saw.  The couple were amazed.  I asked them if they wanted to go for a beer and talk about all of what happened and they agreed.   Several years later I found out there is another part to the story.....

Stay tuned for part 2

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Year 1993, I was driving home about 6pm.  The sun was going down.  I saw a deer get hit by one car and then another.  I pulled over and grabbed the buck and pulled him off the road.  The ladies in the second car came yelling and screaming that all animals should be hunted and killed.  I turned and said roughly after all animals are dead then what, start with the stupid people that can't see at night! I held the deer for about 45 minutes.  His head on my lap and I was talking and petting him.  He really didn't try to get up.  Three of his legs were broken.  The OPP came and I asked if he could be saved.  He told me no.  It was his time and I wanted to hold him as he shot him.  After he shot him I got up and started to sway.  The OPP officer grabbed me away from the road and asked me if I was okay.  I looked at him and said the deers spirit wanted me to see him to the other side.  It felt like I was the deer in its last living moments.  Ever since then I can get very close to deer and they don't fear me.

Short Sad but True

I was painting a hallway around Yonge St. in Hamilton.  I saw a man about 90 years old standing at the front door.  I sat at the bottom of the stairs and asked him what he was doing.   He stared out the door not moving and said he was waiting for his wife.  She told him when she died she would come and get him.  I said to him she might have crossed over.  I asked him if he wanted to go out the door and see and he said he will wait a little while longer because he might miss her.  And there he waited.  He has been dead for about 10 years.  I hope his wife did come to get him.

Princeton, Ontario Farm House

Approximately 9 years ago 2002, I moved from Brantford to a farm house in Princeton, Ontario along Hwy 2.   As I was sitting outside having a coffee I heard laughter coming from the bush and a strong scent of perfume.  This went on for a few weeks.  Sometimes I could almost see a house at night but there wasn't any around the property. One night while I was sitting under the big maple tree and felt a soft stroke across my back and an apparition of a lady sat beside me.   She touched my hand, smiled and said thank you for noticing them.  I asked her why she was in the bush.  She told me they live there and when I moved in the bad man that lived in the house (that was really there) left.  He wouldn't let them out and now they can wash their clothes and finally laugh.  I asked them if they wanted to cross over and she said not just yet.  I asked the owner if there was a house in the bush and he replied there was and it was the first coach house from Windsor to Toronto.  While I lived there for awhile after I could still hear the laughter of the ladies, the smell of perfume and time to time the soft stroke across my back and a friendly wave.

Bay View Tavern, Hamilton Ontario

While I was working at the Workers Arts and Heritage Centre in Hamilton, Ontario, a few of the other workers and I would go out for a couple of drafts after work.  We went to the Bay View Tavern.  It was a place where the ladies of the night would hang out.  After about a month of going there with the other workers, a couple of the girls heard the rumors that the Workers Arts and Heritage Centre was haunted.  They came over to our table to hear more.  They said two electricians were talking about it being haunted and that's when I told them I could communicate with the dead.  The girls told me they were always freaked out about that building.  We all got talking over the next month and I ended up reading most of the palms and it freaked some of them out.  I also in the meantime was talking to two spirits at the Bay View almost every day, they were two ladies, the owners grandmother and the other was a girl in her twenties.  I told the girls one night to find another bar because the owner, third generation, was going to sell. I knew this from talking to the spirits.  I got to know the owner and all the patrons pretty good.  The girls told the owner of the story I told them that he was going to sell.  The next night I went in for a beer and he came over to me and said the girls told him what I had said.   He told me not in this lifetime would he sell because the bar has been in his family three to four generations.  I described to him his grandmother and what she had said was that in 6 months someone was going to make him an offer he couldn't refuse.  He laughed and bought me a beer and said it better be big.  After a couple of months went by I went in for a beer.  The owner came over to me shook my hand and bought me a jug and said to me he doesn't know how I knew things, but someone came in and made him an offer and he accepted it.  That was the last time I seen him and all the ladies of the night.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

House Hunting May 2010

My wife and I started to look for a house in the country. We found one in a small town, south of Simcoe. It has been on the market since last November 2009. From the pictures we have seen in the paper it looked ideal. So we decided to to call the Realtor to make an appointment to view the house. From the first time we brought up the picture I felt a connection, a feeling of a spirit living there. That first evening after looking at the photo, the spirit, who turned out to be a young girl (Nancy), finally let me see her in my subconscious. She is about 100 pounds, 5ft 5in. She has long straight black hair. She was wearing a full length black nightgown with a white robe over top. She is 13 years old and has been living at the house for approximately 60 to 70 years. She seems very intelligent and warns of another spirit. I haven't sensed the other spirit yet. She says the other spirit is male and is supposedly trapped there by him. Up to this point the young girl says the other people who have lived/owned the house have let her down. They wouldn't listen to her. A few days later we went to see the house. The house has a lot of issues that are unrepairable. It probably needs to be torn down. You couldn't see that from the pictures, it was mostly internal. The young girl was there while we toured the house. We let her know that the house was beyond repair and she could stay there until it was torn down and then either come and live with us or cross to the other side.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

You never know when you are being watched!!

Here is a picture from a wedding that took place in Pennsylvania. You can see the Demon looking over the shoulders of the two people sitting at the table...which we removed from the photo...that was the only editing that we did. So you never know when you are being watched!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Joseph Brant

Joseph Brant came to me in a dream. He asked how he could be reincarnated as he knew he done a lot of wrong in his lifetime. I told him I had to do an investigation of his past. I went to Mohawk Chapel in Brantford where he was supposedly buried. There wasn't any activity from Joseph Brant there or at the Joseph Brant Museum, but there was activity from a little boy that moved all the clothes and stuff around. That story I will continue in another post.

A week later he came to me in another dream and I told him for what he has done he must live in the worst part of the world with hardly any food or medical supplies. He must stay there for 7 consecutive years. If he dies within those 7 years he must start that life all over again. He said he would accept that punishment and that was how his debt was repaid. I have not heard from him sense.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Demon Dog

In the 80's there was word of kids doing devil worship in Delhi. Several months after that report I went to Delhi fishing. I was sitting deep in the woods by the creek fishing. Just as it was getting dark I heard a squishing sound in the woods going in a very big circle and it was closing in. My friend was with and said, "What was that? We better get going it doesn't sound too friendly." As it grew darker, it took us awhile to get back to the van. As we walked the sound was getting closer and closer. It sounded like a wild dog chasing down its prey. When we reached the back of the van, we heard this awful sound. Almost like a growl, it's hard to explain. I turned around and I seen these 2 red eyes staring at me. I stared back at it for a little while and proceeded to get into the van. I made another sound that I have never heard anything like it before.

Unbelievable out of body experience

As I lay in bed sleeping, I dreamt that I was pulled out of my body and put into a back seat of a car that was in a serious accident. I was holding both of the elderly couple's hands and they were telling me the pain was so intense. As I sat there and held their hands they both thanked me for taking away their pain and then they died.

The next morning, I heard on the news that there was a serious car accident with 2 fatalities. Without releasing any information on the victims I got a cold chill. Later that evening, when driving home, they released the information that an elderly couple had been crushed to death.

Hospital Prediction

One day a lady in her mid 70's fell ill. She was taken to the hospital where I was doing a job. I knew this lady well. Her family was in visiting with her and came out to tell me that they were told she wasn't going to make the night and was arranging for a minister to come see her. I went in her room and sat down and held her hand. I talked to her for awhile even though she wasn't coherent and then I told her it wasn't her time and that the next morning she will be up and in 3 days that she will be back home.

The next morning I went in early to talk with her before work and she was sitting on the end of her bed. And later that day she told her family what I had said to her and in 3 days she went home.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Otter Lake Haunting Parry Sound

A Romance from the Past 1813
They fell in love as soon as their eyes locked on each other. Their names were Naketa & Charlie. Naketa, a beautiful native, slim, 5'2 long black hair and eyes that reflected the moons rays as if it were silk. Charlie a well built man 5'9 with a hardy laugh and a kind gentle smile, had a Scottish accent that would carry softly across the treetops as the softest summers breeze. Their love for each other is as strong as ten happy life times together, for they were true soul mates. Charlie was a logger gone 5 days a week, when he wasn't working, he was writing Naketa love songs and poetry. He canoed to and from work each weekend. Naketa kept the house, gathering flowers and herbs for her mans return. There was a big storm on that fatal night and the loggers begged Charlie to wait till morn. Be he couldn't wait to be in Naketa's arms for he had bought a ring for her. Naketa was late, for she was making things just right; she had news for Charlie she was with baby. When she reached the point Charlie was not to be seen. In the depths of her stomach she new something was wrong. She paced the point and along the lakes edge in that cold stormy night for more than two hours. She ran to get help more than an hour away. In the morning the searchers looked for Charlie and found no sign. Hours passed and then they found Charlie's paddle for he carved a heart in it with Naketa and his name. Hours later they found his canoe and still not Charlie. Naketa fell to the ground weeping for she now knew Charlie wasn't coming home. The ladies helped her to her feet and wrapped a huge wool blanket around her, she was silent and just starred at that lake that took her lovers life. Three weeks passed when they found Charlie's body. Naketa was weak for she wasn't eating. Her heart was broken into millions of pieces. Soon after, she went for a walk. The night was cool and the moon was full, it was a perfect night. Her pain was so deep when she threw herself off the point, hoping to be with her man. Her body was never found.

During my visits to Otter Lake, I spoke to both Naketa and Charlie as they searched for each other. I gave them a time and place for them to meet. Ever since then neither one can be found. I am hoping they have found each other and will find each other again in another life.

Brantford Residential Haunting

As I finished painting a front entrance and a stairway, I went down to the basement to the laundry room to clean my rollers and tray. As I was cleaning my trays out a man was sitting on a stool behind me. He started to talk to me saying "Thank you for painting the hallway, I hated that colour". I told him "no problem" and we continued our conversation. He also said, "my wife must be upset with me, she's not talking to me and I'm making lots of noise down here and she won't come down". Then I went back upstairs to speak with his wife and she asked me who I was talking to with a puzzled look on her face. I told her a guy downstairs and she said, "Oh my God, describe him". After I described him she said, "oh my that was my husband" and continued to tell me that he accidentally shot himself while cleaning his gun 6 months ago. She asked what we were talking about and I explained we were talking about the hallway as he really hated that colour. "yes, he really did hate that colour, as tears came to her eyes, we were always too busy to paint it". As we continued chatting she went on to say, "it has been really unsettled in the basement and she couldn't go down there. What can she do about it?". We started talking about where he was buried and if there were any relatives close by and she said his Aunt was buried next to him and he used to go visit her all the time. I suggested that next time he goes to visit his aunts grave to look at the tombstone beside it. After about 6 months later, I ran into this lady again and she told me that the house has settled down. So because his death was so sudden he didn't realize he was dead until he looked at his own stone. He accepted his death and is now at rest.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Workers Arts & Heritage Centre Custom House

These events happened at the Workers Arts & Heritage Centre/Custom House during and after construction. The following photos were not edited in any way and are the soul property of Highlanderthor.

George was nicknamed the caretaker. When the building was vacant he decided who could stay in the building and who could not. You can see his orb on the white table pictured below. His spirit still remains in the building to this date.

George & Dark Lady are here in this picture together in an old elevator stairway.

George's orb is at the top of the steps and the Dark Lady is at the bottom.

The Dark Lady still resides in the building at the main stairwell going to the second floor where the mirror/mantle piece was located. She is pictured here at the landing.

This mantelpiece was located on the first floor in the first room on the left. The Dark Lady used this mantelpiece to brush her hair in every night. When they said they were moving the mantelpiece the Dark Lady told me there would be a flood in the building. Approximately 48 hours after, the storm drain in the attic broke and sent water throughout the building. This is a picture of the famous mantelpiece.

I would work in the building until 1 to 2 in the morning by myself painting and I would have conversations with the Dark Lady. She said she would like to ballroom dance and I said I didn’t know how. But when I returned home to sleep I found myself back at the Workers Arts & Heritage Centre/Custom House ballroom dancing with the Dark Lady. We did this many nights. This is the hallway where we had our conversations.

There was a cat killed in the room you see in the door. It was the black cat that was seen in between two panes of glass in the front window in picture 3 from time to time. The cat belonged to Katie whom you see in this picture below.

This is the wall where the word “Murder” kept reappearing as I was painting. I painted over it at least 7 or 8 times. It seemed as though they were using their fingers to write. This is the left hand side of the hallway far down to the right. There were many witnesses to this occurrence. Approximately 6 weeks after the woman’s spirit who wrote the word “Murder” was released. She no longer resides in the building.

A group of young people were setting up an exhibit as you walked into this room on the opposite side approximately where the floor is rotting. The kids were making fun of the spirits and as they did there was a little step ladder with a coffee can full of paint sitting on it. The can fell off the ladder and was kicked across the floor by a spirit to the other side of the room. This is also the room where the Dark Lady liked to ballroom dance.

During the construction of the building, a room where all the tools of the tradesmen were kept under lock, which are now the washrooms, were found thrown all over the room. The locked tool boxes were found opened. This happened several times. No one knew why and nothing was stolen.

A woman who volunteered at the Workers Arts & Heritage Centre/Custom House had a dream of a rape as I did also. It happened in the basement coming off the elevator to the left, the last room on the right.
There were 3 men around the girl having the dream. In her dream someone came into the room and removed the three men off of her. In my dream, I was the person who took the three men off of her and the spirit of the lady being repeatedly raped was released out the front door and was never seen again after this night. All that remains of this occurrence are the bad memories in that room. About 2 to 3 days after I was explaining my dream to the curator and she told me that one of the volunteers had told her the same dream.

Several months later I was doing an investigation with an internet company. I was with two of their employees with a camera in the basement. We took pictures in this room and we saw the brimstones of hell opening up. It totally disabled the camera and took in the three men who raped a lady as it closed. It opened in the left far corner as shown in this picture. After that night, there are only slight instances of poltergeist activity.

The far left corner is where the brimstone of hell appeared.

Since my last visit to the Workers Arts & Heritage Centre/Custom House, the spirits have calmed down a lot. There are only 3 spirits left in the building, that of the Dark Lady, George and the little girl Katie.