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Friday, August 14, 2009

Workers Arts & Heritage Centre Custom House

These events happened at the Workers Arts & Heritage Centre/Custom House during and after construction. The following photos were not edited in any way and are the soul property of Highlanderthor.

George was nicknamed the caretaker. When the building was vacant he decided who could stay in the building and who could not. You can see his orb on the white table pictured below. His spirit still remains in the building to this date.

George & Dark Lady are here in this picture together in an old elevator stairway.

George's orb is at the top of the steps and the Dark Lady is at the bottom.

The Dark Lady still resides in the building at the main stairwell going to the second floor where the mirror/mantle piece was located. She is pictured here at the landing.

This mantelpiece was located on the first floor in the first room on the left. The Dark Lady used this mantelpiece to brush her hair in every night. When they said they were moving the mantelpiece the Dark Lady told me there would be a flood in the building. Approximately 48 hours after, the storm drain in the attic broke and sent water throughout the building. This is a picture of the famous mantelpiece.

I would work in the building until 1 to 2 in the morning by myself painting and I would have conversations with the Dark Lady. She said she would like to ballroom dance and I said I didn’t know how. But when I returned home to sleep I found myself back at the Workers Arts & Heritage Centre/Custom House ballroom dancing with the Dark Lady. We did this many nights. This is the hallway where we had our conversations.

There was a cat killed in the room you see in the door. It was the black cat that was seen in between two panes of glass in the front window in picture 3 from time to time. The cat belonged to Katie whom you see in this picture below.

This is the wall where the word “Murder” kept reappearing as I was painting. I painted over it at least 7 or 8 times. It seemed as though they were using their fingers to write. This is the left hand side of the hallway far down to the right. There were many witnesses to this occurrence. Approximately 6 weeks after the woman’s spirit who wrote the word “Murder” was released. She no longer resides in the building.

A group of young people were setting up an exhibit as you walked into this room on the opposite side approximately where the floor is rotting. The kids were making fun of the spirits and as they did there was a little step ladder with a coffee can full of paint sitting on it. The can fell off the ladder and was kicked across the floor by a spirit to the other side of the room. This is also the room where the Dark Lady liked to ballroom dance.

During the construction of the building, a room where all the tools of the tradesmen were kept under lock, which are now the washrooms, were found thrown all over the room. The locked tool boxes were found opened. This happened several times. No one knew why and nothing was stolen.

A woman who volunteered at the Workers Arts & Heritage Centre/Custom House had a dream of a rape as I did also. It happened in the basement coming off the elevator to the left, the last room on the right.
There were 3 men around the girl having the dream. In her dream someone came into the room and removed the three men off of her. In my dream, I was the person who took the three men off of her and the spirit of the lady being repeatedly raped was released out the front door and was never seen again after this night. All that remains of this occurrence are the bad memories in that room. About 2 to 3 days after I was explaining my dream to the curator and she told me that one of the volunteers had told her the same dream.

Several months later I was doing an investigation with an internet company. I was with two of their employees with a camera in the basement. We took pictures in this room and we saw the brimstones of hell opening up. It totally disabled the camera and took in the three men who raped a lady as it closed. It opened in the left far corner as shown in this picture. After that night, there are only slight instances of poltergeist activity.

The far left corner is where the brimstone of hell appeared.

Since my last visit to the Workers Arts & Heritage Centre/Custom House, the spirits have calmed down a lot. There are only 3 spirits left in the building, that of the Dark Lady, George and the little girl Katie.