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Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Year 1993, I was driving home about 6pm.  The sun was going down.  I saw a deer get hit by one car and then another.  I pulled over and grabbed the buck and pulled him off the road.  The ladies in the second car came yelling and screaming that all animals should be hunted and killed.  I turned and said roughly after all animals are dead then what, start with the stupid people that can't see at night! I held the deer for about 45 minutes.  His head on my lap and I was talking and petting him.  He really didn't try to get up.  Three of his legs were broken.  The OPP came and I asked if he could be saved.  He told me no.  It was his time and I wanted to hold him as he shot him.  After he shot him I got up and started to sway.  The OPP officer grabbed me away from the road and asked me if I was okay.  I looked at him and said the deers spirit wanted me to see him to the other side.  It felt like I was the deer in its last living moments.  Ever since then I can get very close to deer and they don't fear me.

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