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Monday, October 12, 2009

Joseph Brant

Joseph Brant came to me in a dream. He asked how he could be reincarnated as he knew he done a lot of wrong in his lifetime. I told him I had to do an investigation of his past. I went to Mohawk Chapel in Brantford where he was supposedly buried. There wasn't any activity from Joseph Brant there or at the Joseph Brant Museum, but there was activity from a little boy that moved all the clothes and stuff around. That story I will continue in another post.

A week later he came to me in another dream and I told him for what he has done he must live in the worst part of the world with hardly any food or medical supplies. He must stay there for 7 consecutive years. If he dies within those 7 years he must start that life all over again. He said he would accept that punishment and that was how his debt was repaid. I have not heard from him sense.

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