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Friday, September 4, 2009

Brantford Residential Haunting

As I finished painting a front entrance and a stairway, I went down to the basement to the laundry room to clean my rollers and tray. As I was cleaning my trays out a man was sitting on a stool behind me. He started to talk to me saying "Thank you for painting the hallway, I hated that colour". I told him "no problem" and we continued our conversation. He also said, "my wife must be upset with me, she's not talking to me and I'm making lots of noise down here and she won't come down". Then I went back upstairs to speak with his wife and she asked me who I was talking to with a puzzled look on her face. I told her a guy downstairs and she said, "Oh my God, describe him". After I described him she said, "oh my that was my husband" and continued to tell me that he accidentally shot himself while cleaning his gun 6 months ago. She asked what we were talking about and I explained we were talking about the hallway as he really hated that colour. "yes, he really did hate that colour, as tears came to her eyes, we were always too busy to paint it". As we continued chatting she went on to say, "it has been really unsettled in the basement and she couldn't go down there. What can she do about it?". We started talking about where he was buried and if there were any relatives close by and she said his Aunt was buried next to him and he used to go visit her all the time. I suggested that next time he goes to visit his aunts grave to look at the tombstone beside it. After about 6 months later, I ran into this lady again and she told me that the house has settled down. So because his death was so sudden he didn't realize he was dead until he looked at his own stone. He accepted his death and is now at rest.

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