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Monday, October 15, 2012

The Affair at the Old Post Office

I was driving to work on my way to Kitchener, Ontario. I passed by the Old Post Office in Cambridge, Ontario.  It was a bar, back then called Fiddlers Green Pub.  I stopped in for a pint and I felt someone was watching me, not of the living.  There wasn't anyone in the bar except for the bar tender.  I sensed it was a girl.  The wash room was in the basement and as I went down the stairs I felt a males presence. I started to wash my hands and the stall door opened.  No one else was in the wash room but me.  I opened the door of the wash room and started walking out and a shadow of a man was there.  He said to me "She's Mine".  I went back upstairs to the bar and ordered another beer and asked the waitress if there was a death in the basement.  She said, "This place has a couple of strange things happening in it like slamming doors and an apparition of a man in the basement".  I asked her if I could come back and do an investigation because I did stories for a Hamilton Internet Company.  She proceeded to call the owner over and he said sure.  We set up an appointment for a 9pm date in October.

I called the couple that I worked with and asked them if they wanted to do an investigation with me.  It wasn't a problem they would come.  As we arrived, we parked in the lot across from the post office.  The lady with us took out her video camera and started to take video and the camera fogged up.  I seen an apparition of a light in the third floor.  It looked like a girl.  As she was waiting and watching me the camera started working.  Then we all smelt something burning.  It was the camera!  It just died!  They went back to the vehicle and got out the back up camera and we decided not to take the video outside.   We went in and met with the owner and he told the waitress to walk us around. 

We started in the basement.  As I was walking down about half way I was cold.  I asked the waitress if there was heat on down here and she said "yes, but this happens from time to time".  The waitress went back upstairs because she doesn't like coming down to the basement.  As we were standing there the mans voice said to me, "I told you, she's mine".   At that time the camera fogged up again.  We decided to go up to the second floor and I saw a  warm but peaceful light that moved across the ceiling and then came down the wall.  The camera picked this up so I went to the window as I thought it was a cars head lights.  As I walked around the room the light followed me and there were no cars around.  It was the girl whom I seen in the window from outside.  She spoke to me saying her name was Emily.  I turned to the couple with me and told them what she had said her name was Emily.  They were both freaked with excitement.

We then worked our way up to the third floor.  The light went right to the rafters and then we all seen the apparition of a girl in white.  She was hanging.  I asked her if that was her, Emily.  She came down and stood beside me, took my hand and said, " She was sorry, she didn't know what to do."  Emily had a long time affair with the post master and was with child.  Emily continued to say the post master gave her many false promises of the two of them being together.   She was starting to show in her pregnancy and the post master told her he didn't want to see her anymore and if she said the child was his to anyone that he would deny it.  He told her she would look stupid and would be outcast.  Emily said, "I was so scared and didn't know what to do.  I was so heart broken and so upset and no where to go.  So, I did this, I am so sorry."

Emily seemed like she was ready to move on and wanted someone to forgive her.  I told her that love does lots of strange things to people, and it wasn't her fault.  I asked Emily if she wanted to go and she said, "He won't let me go."   I took her by the hand and I said, "Let's go".  We went down to the bar and the old post master was standing in the door way to the outside.  The camera caught a big orb by the door and a little white light beside me.  I walked over to the post master and said, " Emily is leaving and that he, the post master, did enough damage.  You didn't want her when she needed you the most so stand aside!"  Emily and I walked outside and I said to her, " You are free now", and she said, "Thank you".  The camera caught an orb gently floating high up into the dark night sky.

There was a really good peaceful feeling.  I said to the couple, "That was pretty cool".  They couldn't believe what they saw.  The couple were amazed.  I asked them if they wanted to go for a beer and talk about all of what happened and they agreed.   Several years later I found out there is another part to the story.....

Stay tuned for part 2