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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Princeton, Ontario Farm House

Approximately 9 years ago 2002, I moved from Brantford to a farm house in Princeton, Ontario along Hwy 2.   As I was sitting outside having a coffee I heard laughter coming from the bush and a strong scent of perfume.  This went on for a few weeks.  Sometimes I could almost see a house at night but there wasn't any around the property. One night while I was sitting under the big maple tree and felt a soft stroke across my back and an apparition of a lady sat beside me.   She touched my hand, smiled and said thank you for noticing them.  I asked her why she was in the bush.  She told me they live there and when I moved in the bad man that lived in the house (that was really there) left.  He wouldn't let them out and now they can wash their clothes and finally laugh.  I asked them if they wanted to cross over and she said not just yet.  I asked the owner if there was a house in the bush and he replied there was and it was the first coach house from Windsor to Toronto.  While I lived there for awhile after I could still hear the laughter of the ladies, the smell of perfume and time to time the soft stroke across my back and a friendly wave.

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