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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Bay View Tavern, Hamilton Ontario

While I was working at the Workers Arts and Heritage Centre in Hamilton, Ontario, a few of the other workers and I would go out for a couple of drafts after work.  We went to the Bay View Tavern.  It was a place where the ladies of the night would hang out.  After about a month of going there with the other workers, a couple of the girls heard the rumors that the Workers Arts and Heritage Centre was haunted.  They came over to our table to hear more.  They said two electricians were talking about it being haunted and that's when I told them I could communicate with the dead.  The girls told me they were always freaked out about that building.  We all got talking over the next month and I ended up reading most of the palms and it freaked some of them out.  I also in the meantime was talking to two spirits at the Bay View almost every day, they were two ladies, the owners grandmother and the other was a girl in her twenties.  I told the girls one night to find another bar because the owner, third generation, was going to sell. I knew this from talking to the spirits.  I got to know the owner and all the patrons pretty good.  The girls told the owner of the story I told them that he was going to sell.  The next night I went in for a beer and he came over to me and said the girls told him what I had said.   He told me not in this lifetime would he sell because the bar has been in his family three to four generations.  I described to him his grandmother and what she had said was that in 6 months someone was going to make him an offer he couldn't refuse.  He laughed and bought me a beer and said it better be big.  After a couple of months went by I went in for a beer.  The owner came over to me shook my hand and bought me a jug and said to me he doesn't know how I knew things, but someone came in and made him an offer and he accepted it.  That was the last time I seen him and all the ladies of the night.


  1. Delighted that I found your site, fantastic info. I will bookmark and try to visit more frequently.

    1. Thank you. We are working on getting more stories together. Thank you for visiting.